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Swag Ideas to Uplift Your Company Culture: Part Two

Welcome back to the second part in our series! Hopefully you’ve already had a chance to read part one. If not, take a few minutes to check it out and then come back and read this part. You won’t want to miss any ideas!

Building a positive culture at work is so important for team camaraderie which, by default, yields increased productivity. Leaders must be committed to finding creative ways to bring their teams closer together, and that is a feat that becomes even more critical if your employees work in a hybrid or fully remote environment. 

How can you show your employees that you care, especially if you don’t see them in a daily office setting? You don’t have the advantage of frequency of face to face interaction. Do remote employees feel supported by you and their fellow team members? How can you show them you’re thinking about them in a more meaningful way than a simple email or a video call? Well… swag is a great place to start!

We gave a few ideas in part one, but there are so many possibilities that we couldn’t help but give you some more.

Swag For the Family

We love this approach because, typically, companies don’t just sustain individuals, they sustain entire families. That’s true of families with one or multiple breadwinners. Your employees AND their spouses AND children are all a part of your corporate family!

You can include items that could be used by anyone, like a branded tote bag to carry around toys or a lunch box for work, for school, or for a fun family picnic. If you want to send child-friendly options, however, you might want to make it as age-appropriate as possible. A branded coloring book might be perfect for a wide range of ages, but if your employee recently had a baby you could include branded teethers, bibs, rattles, and more.

Pet Swag

If your employees own a pet then swag options for their cats or dogs will be a big hit. There are so many branded items that would be perfect for animals, like a bandana featuring your company’s logo (which could match the t-shirts you give out to employees) or a frisbee. Branded leashes, bowls, and chew toys work for most pets as well.

Work From Home Swag

If your company operates with remote employees, sending them some swag in the mail is a great way to keep them connected to the entire team. You can send them a journal to keep notes during virtual meetings, a laptop case to tote around their company laptops, or even a good-old-fashioned mouse pad. Coffee mugs and tumblers are always great options as well since most people like to drink coffee, tea, water, or some other beverage throughout the day.

Relaxing Swag

Your employees work hard so give them a reward to look forward to after a long day. This shows you recognize their hard work and want them to maintain a healthy work-life balance through relaxation. Give them some comfy branded socks or sweatshirt. If you want a more unique gift, there are many creative options out there that are sure to resonate with your employees.Are you feeling inspired to put some items together to send to your employees? Get in touch with us! We partner with our clients to brainstorm, design, produce, and distribute the custom products that will make an impact on your team.


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