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Rebranding? Do It in Style

Is your brand not getting the traction you need to stand out in your industry? Are you seeing your competitors grow their brand and gain new followers at a faster rate than your company? Don’t read this as a sign of failure; this is actually a great opportunity for your company — it’s time for a rebrand!

Rebrands don’t just happen because a company is struggling to grow either. There comes a point in the lifecycle of any business where it’s time for a refresh. Most companies actually rebrand every 7 to 10 years to make sure they’re staying on top of changing trends and expectations.

Whether you’re updating your logo, restructuring your website, or changing up your core brand colors, rebranding presents an incredible opportunity to enhance your visual identity. But rebrands also come with their fair share of risks and difficulties. You want to make sure you’re setting yourself up for success so that everything goes right and so your investors, employees, customers, and potential customers can catch some of the excitement with the changes.

Below are some tips for making the transition easier…

Stand out with swag

A lot of your rebranding will happen digitally, but there are physical elements you can use alongside your online outreach that can increase your chance at success. Using high-quality swag, for example, helps you achieve two goals. First, updating your promotional products with your new brand gives investors, employees, and customers a physical reminder of your rebrand with items they’ll be excited to use every day. Second, it helps make the transition final as these new products replace the old swag you’ve given out in the past. 

Communicate new values with your swag

Think about some of the changes you’ve wanted to achieve with this rebrand. Do you want to commit to being a more environmentally-friendly company? You can express this value by only choosing sustainable products to use for your promotional products. Or have you wanted to incorporate more fun into your company culture? You can hand out happy hour swag to your customers for example or give them something whimsical like a yoyo or frisbee. 

Create excitement with a rebrand reveal

Once you’ve finalized your rebrand and are ready to spread the word, consider doing a reveal event. This can be an invitation-only event you host at your storefront or it can be a virtual event over Facebook or Zoom where you share the news with your followers. Whichever you choose to do, you can make new gear an important part of this event to really get people excited for these changes. The excitement will linger much longer for people when they get to take home some fresh swag. 

Your investors, employees, and customers can feel the thrill with your brand’s refresh. If they do they will be glad to help support your transition by sporting that new swag you gifted them. That physical gear, be it apparel, bags, drinkware, etc,  will help speed up your transformation and will instill curiosity in more folks to learn more about your company. Before you know it, you’ll be getting more traffic to your website, gaining more followers on social media, and doing more dollars in sales.


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