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Care Package Ideas for Remote Employees

Many companies have operated remotely for some time, but the pandemic introduced a huge influx of newcomers to remote work. Not going into the office every day is a huge adjustment, but one of the hardest parts of remote work is trying to show your appreciation for your employees through a screen.

Your employees deserve better than just an occasional email validating their performance, wouldn’t you agree? They work hard every day, and it’s been a long and exhausting two years (and counting). If you’re looking for a better way to say thank you, then we recommend sending them something special. We’re talking about a thoughtful care package.

Before we throw you some ideas, let’s talk about why these care packages are so powerful. Working remotely can lead employees to feel disconnected from their team. A care package can help remind employees that they are not forgotten, that they are valued. A well-planned gift box not only shows your appreciation, it makes your team feel appreciation for you! That appreciation leads to being more engaged, and more engagement boosts productivity.

Now for the fun part. Here are some care package ideas to consider for your team.

Home Office Starter Pack
If your team has recently gone remote, consider sending them a package with work-from-home essentials. Things like a mousepad, coffee mug, notebook, pen, and some company swag all help make your employee’s home office feel like a more inviting place to focus on work.

Snacks & Sips Package
Care packages don’t always need to be used by employees while they are working during the day — they can be intended for after hours as well. A box filled with delicious goodies and maybe even a mix for a cocktail is the perfect way for employees to relax after a long day.

Mindfulness Box
Part of making sure your team is taken care of is helping them practice better self-care throughout the day. A mindfulness package could include a journal, water bottle, candle, blue light glasses, and stress ball. That type of care package shows your team members you care about their wellbeing, both physically and mentally.

Coffee & Tea Package
Most employees need a little pick-me-up during the day. Sometimes that’s the energy from coffee, sometimes it’s the warmth of a cup of tea, and sometimes it’s the occasional energy drink. Consider putting together a box of drinks that you know employees would love. You can either customize this box for each employee, or put together a selection you’ll send to everyone. This is a great time to give your employees some new branded drinkware of course.

Summer Wellness Box
Now that it’s finally starting to get warm outside, consider sending your employees a summer wellness box. Tank tops, t-shirts, shorts, and even items like a water bottle or handkerchief will all be perfect for the hot summer months ahead.

Company Swag Starter Pack
Every business can turn their swag into statement pieces for their employees. Perfect for these boxes are classic items like stickers, water bottles, totes, and t-shirts.

Home Decor Care Package
Everyone has different tastes in home decor, so don’t go too crazy here. But items like candles, cutting boards, throw pillows, and blankets, all branded with your logo, can easily appeal to a wide range of tastes. Your employees will appreciate practical items.

Have we convinced you to send a care package to your remote workers? Are you still unsure of where to start? Our team at Prodigy Promos can help you curate the items that will make for a perfect care package for your team. Contact us today to learn more!


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