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11 Swag Classics That Will Never Go Out of Style

Everyone loves branded merchandise, but, unfortunately, there is a lot of trash to sift through to get to the good stuff. You do have to hunt to get quality and land the treasured product your employees, customers, and potential customers will love. As you begin thinking about your own line of swag, remember that quality counts and retail brands are powerful.

It’s always fun to experiment with unique product concepts, but you can’t forget about the timeless classics. If you’re looking for the right swag for your business, check out this list of 11 merchandise categories that will never go out of style.

1. T-shirts

Duh… you can’t go wrong with a t-shirt! People love adding new staples to their wardrobe, and t-shirts are arguably the easiest way into anyone’s closet.  Make sure you choose a comfortable material and pick a good design. Do that and you’re on your way to success.

2. Baseball Hats

Just like a good t-shirt, people also enjoy adding a good hat to their wardrobe. Hats are perfect for the gym, the outdoors, a bad hair day, or no reason at all. You have a huge range of colors and decoration options to make these hats really stand out.

3. Socks

Companies used to not think of socks as potential swag, but in recent years they’ve become immensely popular. They should really be part of your branded merchandise. They’re a product that will be worn over and over again — people literally wear socks every single day! You can keep them simple or make them colorful, depending on your brand’s colors and logo. 

4. Hoodies

Everyone needs one when the weather starts turning colder. That warm, cozy feeling is something you want people to subconsciously associate with your hoodie and your brand. Your employees will love them, and so will your customers and potential customers. 

5. Water Bottles

Water bottles are a very hot commodity because they are a daily accessory for so many people, especially for those that are health-conscious and/or eco-conscious. That makes water bottles the perfect gift for a key demographic. You can either choose to brand a reusable plastic water bottle, an aluminum bottle, or a glass bottle. Whichever material you choose, offering a reusable water bottle is a great way for you to showcase your focus on sustainability.

6. Notebooks

Notebooks are one of those essentials that always come in handy, especially if your employees are routinely in meetings, either virtually or on site. Being able to take notes makes these extremely practical.

7. Laptop Backpacks/Bags

Whether your employees work from home or at the office they’re probably toting their company laptop with them a lot. Give them something to protect their laptop and show off the company they’re proud to work for at the same time.

8. Tumblers

Similar to water bottles, tumblers are also a great swag option. The difference from water bottles being that they are typically manufactured to maintain hot liquids as well as cold. So they’re a great item for a wide variety of uses. Thus they are highly likely to be loved and for your logo to make many impressions.

9. Mugs

Most people are fans of either coffee or tea so mugs make a great gift. Caffeine is a stimulant, and, as a stimulant, caffeine usually helps employees perform on the job. So naturally every company should give their employees a nice mug and encourage them to fill it up!

10. Totes

Totes have always been a classic, but they’re seeing a big resurgence in popularity with the awareness and focus on sustainability. Some grocery stores don’t even offer disposable bags any longer. Totes are also used by women as a replacement for a purse,  allowing them to carry more items around throughout the day.

11. Blankets

Blankets may not be used quite as frequently as apparel or other daily accessories, and they do run a little larger than your other swag. However, people usually hang onto blankets for a long, long time. They are also very practical for employees working from home. Think of blankets for a special onboarding gift or holiday gift for your crew or your customers.
You can never go wrong with these 11 swag items! To check out all the different products we offer to our clients, follow along with the Prodigy Promos team on Instagram. And if you’d like to get in touch with us, you can find our contact info online.


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